Isabella Di Silvestro & Giuseppe Platania, 2000

“Between prevention and health: the Sicilian red orange”. Committee Documents “Food and cancer” Milan.

Abstract: Cancer is strictly correlated with diet: a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces cancer risk. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of individual nutrients that, however, if singularly administered do not have the same beneficial effects.

In particular, pigmented oranges (Tarocco, Moro, and Sanguinello) are richer in vitamin C and bioflavonoid than blonde oranges. As shown by many scientific researches, food that contains vitamin C has many health features such as antioxidant activity and scavenger of free radicals, the synergistic activity with vitamin E in the protection of the lipoperoxidation process, activity blocking the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines starting from nitrate in the stomach, and activity stimulating the immune system.

The bioflavonoids, together with the vitamin C allow a better absorption of the latter and it has been shown that they possess a specific antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory effect besides reinforcing capillary vessels.

Scientific data point out, therefore, the importance of including these protective factors in one’s diet. This should increase consumers’ awareness in the choice of food so that the consumption of citrus fruit and its derivatives become a daily food habit.

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