The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) has announced that its new 2019 Census has been completed and is available to members.

It includes the first in-depth Coffee-to-Go report which shows the sector turnover is £670 million, taking the overall industry revenue to £2.21 billion in 2019 and also the first micro market report.

Some of the Key Points found in the 2019 Census are as follows:

• Turnover from traditional vending & OCS is up 5.2% to £1.54 billion with price increases more than off-setting the ongoing declines in both consumption and machine base

• Significant investments in improving the proposition: more than 50% of regular cups now paper, cashless readers now on 36% of the base, and the total number of micromarkets up to around 200.

• Ongoing growth in use of telemetry to improve service and efficiency: around 30% of the traditional vending base is actively using telemetry for technical fault alerts and out-of-stock alerts, with some operators also using the data for dynamic route planning.