The orange juice, good, tasty and nutritious is excellent at breakfast but also for a refreshing snack. Its consumption guarantees a good requirement of vitamin C and more.

There are many beneficial effects, as there are very few calories that orange juice provides. An example? One hundred grams of juice bring about 110 calories and a reduced percentage of fat, around 0.5 grams, while the amount of carbohydrates is 25 grams and the amount of protein is around 1.7 grams.

But what are the benefits for the body in detail? The first is linked to the intake of vitamin C, which is important to combat the fatigue and physical decline of our body, especially when it is hot and it becomes important to obtain mineral salts and vitamins.

For the immune defenses. Another very important benefit is related to the fact that, according to studies, the juice or orange juice are good for the heart and strengthen the body’s immune system.

In addition, the red orange acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, strengthens the capillary and venous walls, improves circulation and helps prevent some cancers and most cardiovascular diseases thanks to the combination of vitamin C and Bioflavonoids.