Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Intestinal swelling, stressed immune defenses? Many worries, one natural ally: oranges.  According to the health web site Riza (, the nutritional content of this citrus fruit protects us. Water, fructose, vitamin C and those of group B and P – in addition to organic acids and fibers – are present and protect the body from  inflammation and purify it. Nutritionists consider them an easy source of antioxidants, that fortify the immune system and slow ageing.

People usually say that a fruit should be eaten whole in order to not lose its benefits, but it has been demonstrated that this is not true. For example, the range of Oranfresh squeezing machines  and vending machines – thanks to their exclusive international patent and technical innovations, perfected over years of research and development –  use 100% of the orange, leaving out only the peel and bitter oils, that may adulterate the taste of the squeezed juice.

“Today you can find some citrus squeezing machines that squeeze the whole fruit. Obviously you have to get organic oranges and then put them in the proper tool without cutting them. The squeezed juice that you will get is a true elixir of wellness that purifies kidneys, liver, intestines, and skin at the same time!”

To fight against intestinal swelling, use blood oranges that are absolutely necessary for digestion and lymphatic drainage.

Not everybody knows this, but orange juice should be drunk immediately after being squeezed as the content of vitamin C goes down if exposed to air.  Fresh squeezed juice (such as that one served by Oranfresh machines) rather than pasteurized juice, preserves this aspect, which is very important according to dieticians.

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