UK in-cup beverages specialist Brupac has moved over to the use of Greiner Packaging’s K3 cardboard-plastic packaging answer for its 12oz in-cup beverages vary.

At a time when trade homeowners and amenities managers have protection and hygiene on the best in their time table, disposable in-cup beverages have many benefits.

The selection is to make use of crockery, spoons and boxes, which may also be treated by means of more than one other folks and which require assortment and dishwashing.

Disposable in-cup beverages packaging represents a more secure, extra hygienic, less expensive and extra handy answer.

The K3 light-weight thermoformed bath makes use of as much as 33% much less polypropylene (PP) than a standard direct-printed, thermoformed cup of the similar measurement, and the cup is wrapped with a detachable cardboard outer layer.

The K3 pack is claimed to stay the elements protected till use and is excellent to drink from. It could also be absolutely and simply recyclable.