Ferrero Group has introduced it’s heading in the right direction to fulfill its key sustainability targets and goals. Ferrero’s development is documented within the Group’s 14th Sustainability Report, which highlights the stairs taken right through the 2021/22 monetary 12 months on 4 key pillars: protective the surroundings, sustainable sourcing, selling accountable intake and empowering folks.

“The financial year was particularly challenging – war broke out, supply chains were disrupted, energy costs surged, and inflation grew alongside the cost of raw materials,” stated Giovanni Ferrero, Executive Chairman of the Ferrero Group. “In the face of these challenges, Ferrero has not only been able to grow, but to also make strong progress with a number of our sustainability targets – and, in some instances, exceed them,” he added.

As a part of Ferrero Farming Values (FFV), a cross-commodity framework, the Group is dedicated to supporting and making improvements to sustainable sourcing of its components, in addition to sharing wisdom around the price chain. In 2021/22, the FFV programme helped ship one to at least one training to 32% of cocoa farmers on farm and industry making plans, while 155,000 cocoa farmers took phase in team coaching. The sustainability record additionally main points how the Group is now attaining traceability again to farm stage throughout greater than 96% of its cocoa delivery quantity. In addition, 82% of all the cocoa quantity was once sourced from devoted farmer teams Ferrero helps. Across all sourced hazelnuts, the Group can record total traceability of 79% regardless of systemic supply-chain complexities.

Other highlights from the Ferrero Group’s Sustainability Progress Report come with:

  • 92% of the corporate’s international electrical energy now comes from renewables – up from 84% ultimate 12 months.
  • 100% of palm oil is RSPO qualified segregated, with 99.95% traceable to 146 palm oil turbines and 722 plantations. The segregation type guarantees sustainable palm oil is saved break free the plantations and farms, and the entire manner alongside the availability chain, with the Group being one of the vital first international firms to supply 100% RSPO qualified segregated palm oil (since 2015).
  • The crowning glory of Ferrero’s four-year Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI) plan, with majority of goals both met and even surpassed, together with greater than 170,000 farmers now enlisted within the Ferrero Cocoa Program, of which 161,000 (95%) had been polygon mapped in 2021/22, exceeding the preliminary goal of 153,000.
  • The publishing of the corporate’s first Human Rights Report on the finish of 2021. The record is framed round 10 of probably the most salient human rights problems throughout all price chains – without reference to product or geography – and displays how Ferrero is operating to handle those problems.

“Across each of the four key pillars of our sustainability framework, the report shows we have made strong progress towards the objectives we have set ourselves,” stated Lapo Civiletti, Chief Executive Officer of the Ferrero Group. “Despite a challenging economic and geopolitical environment, the Group increased investments to continue to ensure high levels of quality, freshness and safety across all our products, while reducing our environmental impact.”