Rhea Vendors Group has issued a choice to motion to the industry global through inviting other entrepreneurial corporations right into a digital atmosphere to carry discussions, expand concepts and take a look at to expect the brand new financial panorama.

The corporate has determined to carry an internet match embracing its values of innovation, social sustainability and tradition, during which companies will alternate new concepts, research and projections on which to successfully construct long run initiatives.

The ‘digital lounge’ will happen on rheathinktogether.com which fits live to tell the tale 21 October 2020.

“Here at Rhea, we asked ourselves what we could do to give substance to the word ‘resilience’, often incorrectly used these days. We then looked at the principles that have guided us for the past 60 years with the aim of bringing them back to a society and economy that has seen significant transformations of lifestyles and business models,” explains Andrea Pozzolini, leader government of Rhea.

“But we don’t want to do it alone. We believe that lots of people, like us, can help to create value starting from their own past, in order to map out new business paths. So, we will open our doors and invite people from different worlds into a virtual lounge to share their experiences and visions for the future, so that we might then overcome challenges together, develop new ideas, and make the most of any opportunities that arise.”

To run this digital living room, Rhea has selected 3 Italian artists for whom tradition, innovation and sustainability are the guiding rules in their trail to non-public {and professional} luck and who, like Rhea, constitute the distinction of ‘Made in Italy’ of their respective fields.

Davide Livermore, a director of opera and theatre, has staged performances for main nationwide and world theatres from Philadelphia to Tokyo, along with having opened two consecutive seasons of La Scala in Milan, with Attilain 2018 and Toscain 2019. Today he’s the inventive director of the National Theatre of Genoa.Through his friendship with Carlo Doglioni Majer, he has been part of Rhea’s global for a few years.

Davide Scabin, an award-winning chef at Combal.0 in Rivoli, is likely one of the global’s maximum admired Italian cooks. Renowned for his creativity and cutting edge experimentation, he used to be enlisted to create ‘space food’ for astronauts in 2013.

Simona Ghizzoni is a photographer and ladies’s rights activist. Her paintings has gained awards from World Press Photo, POYi, and the Aftermath challenge, and he or she has gained the Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Grant and the Sony World Photography Award.

Mr Pozzolini mentioned: “For Rhea, culture, innovation and social sustainability are deeply interconnected values whose common denominator is doing business. It is impossible to innovate independently of the cultural and social context in which we operate. To innovate, you first have to listen to what the new demands and trends will be, but also the complexities and impediments. And that is what will happen in our virtual lounge, stimulated by three illustrious thinkers and by distinguished managers and professionals in the areas of innovation, business culture, and ethical sustainability actions aimed at improving personal well-being and environmental conditions.”