Charity Action Hunger has introduced a vending machine to provide free food and clothing to the homeless in Nottingham.

The BBC reported that the charity was working with Tesco and other partners to stock the machine which would offer items including fresh fruit, socks, energy bars, crisps, chocolate, sandwiches and sanitary towels.

Only street dwellers given a key card will be able to access the machines which will be monitored by cameras to prevent misuse.

The 100 key cards will contain a chip that allows them to be blocked or cancelled if they are lost or stolen. Three items a day can be taken from the machine per person.

Spokesman for Action Hunger Huzaifah Khaled said: ”Action Hunger is not seeking to supplant the incredible efforts of existing charities for the homeless – we’re seeking to work in concert with them.”

“While other organisations can offer empathy and human contact and counselling… we solely provide unmanned vending machines,” he said.