The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA)has announced that Wight Crystal has been accepted formally as a new full member of the Association.

Projects Director of WaterLogic Chris Routledge with Wight Crystal’s CEO Tracey Hill in 2017.

Wight Crystal is a supplier of spring water and water coolers on the Isle of Wight. Their water source at Knighton lies at the foot of chalk down-land and has been an important natural source of water for the island since the 1800s.

As a registered charity, Osel Enterprises started Wight Crystal in 1988 and now works alongside The Way Forward Programme, which provides activities supporting people with physical and learning disabilities, autism and long-term conditions. Wight Crystal provides work opportunities for people needing support in the workplace and new projects are continually sought to provide hope to those normally excluded from the workforce by the very nature of their physical or mental condition.

Wight Crystal’s CEO Tracey Hill has already seen the benefits of being part of the BWCA having attended the 2017 conference and trade show following which, during the company’s period as an applicant member, her company benefited from a partnership with another member. WaterLogic provided guidance and machinery to Wight Crystal as a free-of-charge donation to support the work of Osel Enterprises.

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, general manager of BWCA said: “We are delighted to welcome another excellent company into membership. Passing our rigorous auditing process is not easy and so I congratulate Tracey Hill and her team on meeting our stringent quality requirements.

“When we launched our 5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge last year we hoped to nudge member companies into undertaking yet more social and environmental sustainability programmes and encouraging them to promote work that benefits the community. It is so pleasing to have already seen the fine example of WaterLogic UK and Wight Crystal collaborating in the way they have. This is just the kind of activity that demonstrates the power of association which comes from being part of the BWCA”.

Jon Wicks, the recently appointed chairman of the BWCA, commented: “I add my congratulations to Wight Crystal and offer the company a very warm welcome. They not only bottle fine water but undertake extremely valuable support for their local community and we are delighted to have them aboard.”

Tracey Hill said: “Wight Crystal is delighted to be a full member of the BWCA and thrilled to have passed the rigorous plant and distributers audit. The BWCA accreditation will give our customers confidence that our quality, products and servicing are to a very high standard.

“We have received tremendous support from the BWCA, auditors and members over the past two years, for which we are extremely grateful. Waterlogic’s bottling machine donation has made a real difference to improving capacity at our bottling plant: this has given a small charity on the Isle of Wight a brighter future.”