Nayax, the supplier of cashless bills has added upload the cell cost app TWINT to its vary of cost strategies for its card readers. TWINT is the newest cashless cost way built-in into Nayax’s VPOS product line of card readers, meant for unattended automated machines.

Cashless bills and smartphones are not unusual throughout Europe, and Swiss-developed app TWINT combines those two in style paperwork with its cell cost provider. In Switzerland, TWINT enjoys huge reputation, and is a recurrently authorised cost way, together with for unattended machines.

Says Nayax CEO Yair Nechmad: “We’re happy to have TWINT on board as a payment method on Nayax’s card readers. It’s important for Nayax to help give consumers in every country, every payment option available. With TWINT added to the VPOS payment options, we are one step closer to this. We want the operators we work with to achieve the best growth possible, and providing a wide variety of payment options achieves this goal.”