A ballot of greater than 3,000 adults, commissioned via the Fruit Juice Science Centre, has discovered that two thirds of Brits (65%) and greater than a 3rd of French and German adults (34%) drink 100% fruit juice to assist their immune serve as. The beverage used to be maximum continuously indexed after fruit and greens among the highest immunity-support meals.

However, there used to be much less consciousness concerning the vitamins equipped in fruit juice, with simply part of adults general agreeing {that a} day by day glass is wealthy in nutrients and minerals. Fewer than a 5th in France and Germany, and a 3rd in the United Kingdom, knew that antioxidants – reminiscent of nutrition C – can also be present in fruit juice. And maximum didn’t realise that fruit juice comprises polyphenols – recommended plant compounds additionally present in fruit, greens, and cocoa.

With web searches on nutrition C hovering all over the pandemic, nonetheless 4 in 10 Brits and Germans, and greater than part of French didn’t know that nutrition C is important for wholesome immune serve as. This is regardless of six in 10 being extra acutely aware of immune well being because the pandemic.

Commenting at the survey, Dr Carrie Ruxton from the Fruit Juice Science Centre – fruitjuicesciencecentre.ecu/fr – stated: “Awareness of the way a tumbler of fruit juice helps commonplace immunity has progressed however there are nonetheless some misconceptions. Considering that 100% juice is just squeezed fruit – and has nearly an identical sugars, nutrients, and sure bioactive compounds in comparison with complete fruit – there’s nonetheless numerous nonsense claimed about fruit juice.

“A key myth is that sugar is added to fruit juice, which it isn’t since that would be illegal in the EU and UK. Another is that the vitamin C in packaged fruit juice is destroyed – that’s also untrue. Neither is it correct to say that pure fruit juice contains preservatives and colours, although thankfully only one in 10 people in our Poll believed that.”

Five info on fruit juicefrom the Fruit Juice Science Centre

• Just one small glass of 100% fruit juice supplies greater than 80% of the nutrition C advice. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and very important for standard immunity;
• Orange juice is without doubt one of the richest assets of hesperidin, a polyphenol that has anti inflammatory results;
Fruit juice is prime in potassium, a mineral that is helping to regulate blood force;
It takes one or two oranges to make a 150 ml glass of fruit juice and all of the sugars in fruit juice come from the culmination used to cause them to – none is added;
Apple, orange, and grapefruit juices are all low GI (glycaemic index) that means that they lift blood sugars extra slowly in comparison with prime GI meals, reminiscent of rice, bread, or sugar-sweetened beverages.
How about sugar

The Fruit Juice Science Centre ballot discovered that 8 in 10 adults imagine that 100% fruit isn’t prime in sugar. Additionally, 1 / 4 of Brits (24%) and Germans (28%), and greater than a 3rd of French (35%), suppose that natural fruit juice is in reality low in sugar. The truth is that a normal glass of orange juice comprises the similar stage of herbal sugars (round 13g) as a few oranges.

Dr Ruxton says: “Fruit juice is enjoyed by millions of people every day and most seem to recognise that it has a positive role in the diet. Given that most of the sugar we eat comes from sugar-sweetened drinks, biscuits, cakes, confectionery and desserts – foods which are low in essential nutrients – it’s clear where we need to turn our attention to cut sugar intakes.”