Chairman of the Wilkes Group, Peter Wilkes, has been recognised in The New Year’s Honours List for his products and services to tennis.

Chairman of the Wilkes Group, Peter Wilkes

Mr Wilkes who chairs the Wakefield-based computerized merchandising, catering and cleansing and houses specialist, was once awarded a British Empire Medal for his products and services to the game.

He was once nominated for the award through the Yorkshire Lawn Tennis Association (YLTA) in reputation of 46 years of devoted provider.

The British Empire Medal is awarded to those that have had long-term, hands-on involvement with their local people, steadily on a charitable or voluntary foundation.

Peter mentioned: “I am absolutely thrilled to have been awarded the British Empire Medal. Tennis has been my lifelong passion and I have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent supporting British tennis.”

Peter first performed tennis for Yorkshire on the age of 13, went directly to play for Yorkshire males between 1963 and 1979 and was once Wakefield champion for twenty years.

As smartly as being an government committee member of the YLTA for 46 years, he held a lot of different roles in tennis together with British Davis Cup Chairman and British Fed Cup Chairman between 2006 and 2008.

Peter and the Wilkes Group are widely known in merchandising circles. Specialising in merchandising, cleansing, houses and catering provides, The Wilkes Group was once at first arrange in 1946 through Gerald Wilkes and is administered lately through 2d and 3rd technology members of the family.