Nayax, the award-winning supplier of cashless bills and telemetry answers, is the primary spouse to combine Visa’s suite of sensory branding cues globally in its newest model of its cell fee software.

Monyx Wallet was once created via Nayax to permit virtual bills at unattended computerized machines and facilitate client engagement.

Monyx Wallet customers in 21 international locations can be a number of the first to enjoy Visa’s sensory branding suite once they purchase a product or reload credit score at the app the usage of their Visa card. Nayax leveraged Visa’s Sensory Branding device construction package (SDK) discovered at the Visa Developer Platform for easy integration into the Monyx Wallet app.

With the rage of seamless cell bills, Visa evolved a branded suite of sound, animation and haptic cues that fortify the consider, safety and comfort of the Visa logo. The mixture of a legitimate, vibration and animated Visa emblem right away communicates to customers that their fee, occasionally executed within the absence of a conventional fee card, has been effectively authorized and that the transaction is entire.

“Nayax already enjoys a long-time working relationship with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, and is excited that Monyx Wallet is the first application to incorporate Visa’s suite of sensory branding globally,” says Carly Furman, CEO, Nayax LCC.

“Introducing these new digital representations of the Visa brand into our solutions will give Nayax consumers and operators the assurance they have come to expect when they use Visa.”